Netflix's Floor Is Lava Raises the Stakes with a Huge Volcano in Game Show's Season 2 Trailer

Netflix's Floor Is Lava Raises the Stakes with a Huge Volcano in Game Show's Season 2 Trailer CREDIT: NETFLIX

Everyone's favorite childhood game just got a little more real.

In PEOPLE's exclusive look at the trailer, Netflix teases season 2 of their hit game show, Floor Is Lava, unveiling a huge slippery volcano as the newest obstacle contestants must overcome to win the coveted lava lamp trophy and $10,000 prize.

"The stakes have never been hotter. This season, there's bigger obstacles, hotter lava and a huge volcano. This is Floor Is Lava," a voiceover says in the sneak peek.

Much like the adolescent pastime on which its based, Floor Is Lava requires teams to navigate an obstacle course by jumping from one object to another, without touching the floor (a.k.a. lava).

However, this time, the floor is actually covered with 80,000 gallons of a bright red, lava-esque water.

The obstacle course features some classic hot lava game staples, like leather chairs, a cabinet and an exercise bike, as well as some oversized objects like dice, a record player and a wagon for players to cling to throughout the competition.

The game show also features multiple levels, as players navigate their way through the courses.

Additionally, season 2 will features stars from the streaming platform's other reality shows, including Too Hot to HandleThe Circle and Hype House.

Meanwhile, host Rutledge Wood is back to usher a whole new group of players through the hot lava.

Floor is Lava is produced by A. Smith & Co. Productions with Arthur Smith, Anthony Carbone, Frank Sinton, Anthony Storm, Brian Smith and Caroline Baumgard serving as executive producers. Irad Eyal and Megan McGrath also executive produce for Haymaker (West).

Season 2 of Floor Is Lava premieres Friday, June 3 on Netflix.